Registration of passports of foreign citizens in Kazakhstan is required by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Migration" (22 July 2011). In accordance with the rules of entry and stay of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as their departure from the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 21, 2012 № 148 "Some legal questions of regulation of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan" , foreign citizens temporarily residing in the Republic of Kazakhstan must register within five calendar days from the date of entry into the Republic of Kazakhstan. Registration of foreign citizens is carried out on identification documents.
Registration is carried out at the place of stay of foreigners in the migration police department .
Registration of foreign citizens in the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be carried out by the receiving side, ie arrived citizens can not register themselves, except in cases where a foreign citizen has a tourist visa in the passport. Therefore, you should pre-arrange preparation of petition with the receiving host.
The exceptions are citizens of the Russian Federation, who may be in the Republic of Kazakhstan without registration — up to 30 days, and the citizens of Ukraine — up to 90 days (according to the Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on mutual trips of citizens of 19 May 2000 years).
Owners of apartments and hotels has the right to register foreign nationals, but for that when filling out immigration cards at the border please indicate the purpose of the visit as "personal " or " private". It is much easier. Private entry, aside from less complicated registration with the Migration Service, gives a number of advantages over the business entry. For example, guest entry registration is carried out for 90 days and can be extended. Business entry - 60 days, after which it is necessary to leave Kazakhstan.
If you drive through the checkpoint "Dostyk", ​​the registration shall be made at the time of crossing the border. Registration stamp is affixed in the migration card by the representative of the Border Guard Service at the same time as a border crossing stamp.
Registration of passports of 28 economically developed and politically stable countries (Australia, Austria , Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland , Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia , Monaco , Netherlands, New , Zealand , Norway, Portugal , Singapore, USA , Finland , France, Germany , Switzerland , Sweden , Japan, Republic of Korea) is carried out simultaneously with the issuance of visas of the categories "business" , "travel ", " private" , "diplomatic ", "utility" in the consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan. At the border crossing migration card is issued stamped on entry and registration and foreign citizens has no need to register with the migration police of Kazakhstan.

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