About this website

Welcome to 3D.astana.kz!

The portal is designed primarily for people who are considering a visit to the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Astana - either as a tourist trip or in the course of business activities. In addition, the resource will be of interest to anyone who wants to explore the city, its sights and features and see a panoramic view of the streets of the old town and the new Astana.

The basis of the site is a section with 3D-panoramas of various objects. Objects are grouped into categories that can be switched on and off, thereby filtering the list of panoramas. To filter you just need to remove or set the tick in the corresponding category. Objects can be represented by a list or on a map (to switch use the links below the list of categories).

While watching 3D-panoramas of attractions there are two possibilities available for the transition between different points of photography of one object:

  • The transition by the arrows indicating the direction of the neighboring panorama
  • Going through the thumbnails located on the bottom of the panorama screen

Note: when browsing objects on the map, tens of thousands of panoramas taken in the streets of Astana with a specially equipped car are also becoming available. Captured streets are marked in blue; for viewing panoramas, simply click on the map at the desired location. When viewing panoramas of the streets you can navigate between adjacent panoramas using the arrows, moving along the road.

The site also contains several text sections, which can help the visitors in selecting sites for accommodation and transport, and also answer questions related to registration and visas.

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